june (alicel) wrote in bottledchaos,

Bloody ferking bollocksing HELL

Isn't that what you want to see when you go to the site?

As you can see, we have holes in our server. And, while we got our poor, innocent asses hacked, at least it didn't crash the computer, so everything is likely still in place and/or Art has a backup. She's on Labor Day Weekend and will hopefully be back tonight since she's the only one who can access the other ftp. No, admins, you weren't banned. Want to see what everyone else sees? Delete your cookies. Yes, they almost sound friendly. If you have any questions, it would help lots if you got onto AIM sometime today so everyone could discuss how to fix this what to do etc. Hopefully Art will fix the holes in the server as well and everyone will be peachy keen.

... Bastards.

if you can't get on AIM, e-mail either me@dreamofchaos.com or iatemidnight@yahoo.com and .. you'll be gotten back to.
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